Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sound and Misadventure

This is my home studio. I'm thinking that I may have been swindled when I bought my Venetian sound-proofing. It doesn't dampen the sound of passing traffic one whit, the jangly metal strips actually exacerbate the racket. I tried to take it back, but the flea market had closed.

This is me in the old studio at the radio station that I DJ at. 

Notice that it has the same sound-proofing as my home studio.

What the radio studio doesn't have is a fancy knob.

I have the fancy knob. Somewhere...

This is how you convert LP3 files to MP3 files...the last time I did this, the whole block went dark...which was scary, since it was mid-afternoon. I thought at first that a ruanaway blimp had botted out the sky but it turned out to be something else.

 This how you fix the Internet:

It isn't working.

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