Friday, 11 December 2009

Weekly Rat

Truth in advertising? That’ll be the day. 

No, I think they were grossly exaggerating the duration of the average between-rat interval. In reality, it is probably more like seven seconds than seven days. And the service definitely wouldn’t have been affable. I think not. A bit hard to be affable when all the towels smell like a wet dog — and, in case you weren’t convinced by the smell, are also realistically wet and hairy.

Fortunately, we are honest.

Monday Machines do not have a CD out yet. You have no idea what our music sounds like, or if, indeed, it is even music. But now — this is the exciting part — you can show off to others that your musical tastes are so discerning, so sophisticated, that you are a fan of a band so obscure that nobody has ever heard one of their recordings! 

How? Well, now, you know something else your friends don’t know: we’ve got a CafePress shop full of shirts and mugs and stuff. 

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