Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I'm rather orthodox these days when it comes to  matters of porridge,  preferring bananas, honey and cinnamon above most other things, but I must admit that I dabbled and experimented quite a bit when I was younger .

At one time there was almost nothing that I wouldn't try once- here are some of the things that I have added to porridge in my grueling and somewhat quixotic quest for the Breakfast of Champions:

-Jalapeno peppers
 Not as good as it sounds. Works better served seperately as a dessert.

 Inedible but visually interesting. Makes a great 'break-up' dish. 

Peanut Butter
Avoid hydrogenated oils and you'll be OK.

Traumatic. One of many reasons I rarely eat meat.

Can't recall what it tasted like.

Other oatmeal
Do not mix 'instant' oatmeal with traditional oats. There are some worlds that were never meant to intersect.

 Smells betters than it tastes.

Cheddar cheese
Will congeal into a nearly-solid ,stringy spoon-defying mass as it cools. 

Ground Glass
Was noticed by the intended victim before consumption.



  1. YOWSA!
    Breakfast of Champions eh?

    Ever wondered what Bruce Jenner sprinkled on his Wheaties?
    Me either :)

  2. Holy crapperpoodle... you seriously added that stuff to your porridge!?!??

  3. Donn- Hey, welcome aboard!

    Angel- Seriously? I have tried two out of nine, I think.