Monday, 30 November 2009

Noises in the Night, Part II

The saga continues.

4:32 a.m.

The noise has dramatically increased in intensity and changed in character. It’s indescribably, chillingly awful, even from a distance away and through the ancient two-foot-thick stone walls. I must record it...I have no choice now.

The technique shown below is similar to one that Allan taught me, which is useful for dumptrucks and bulldozers, but this noise is at a greater distance, and of a groaning, thrumming, and grinding nature. This is where the full-length shotgun mic comes in handy. The eerie glow at the top right of the photo is emanating from factory x. The foggy smoke billowing around the compound does not appear, to me, to be caused by a yogurt-related procedure, but I am admittedly not a food-scientist, and I have very little knowledge of industrial yogurt manufacturing.

Even having admitted that, it is difficult for me to give factory x the benefit of the doubt in this case, because the aforementioned noises are, even as I type this, becoming more and more human/reptilian and downright goosebump-inducing.

5:27 a.m.

Much bizarreness committed to hard disk for future use. I think in retrospect that it could in fact be a dairy products manufacturing operation after all. The noises that are still rumbling and groaning through the trees are the sort of sounds that will turn the blood in your veins to cottage cheese.


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