Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Bomb Detail

Musician: The green wire. It's the green wire.

Engineer: Are you sure?

Musician: Yeah, I'm really sure. It's definitely the green one.

Engineer: OK...

Musician: NO!!!! WAIT!!! NO!!! STOP!!!! It's the blue wire! THE BLUE WIRE!!!

Engineer: The blue wire. Are you sure this time? Absolutely sure? The blue one?

Musician: Yeah. Totally. Really sure it's the blue one.

Voice of Reason: What if, just for the sake of neatness, you pulled the patch cables out when you're done with them so you won't get so confused? Wouldn't that make life easier?

Engineer: Nah. I like it that way. Job security, you know.

Musician: (barely audible, off-mic) The what? Key of C? But...but...I'm a guitarist. Can we do it in E? Pleeeeease? Oh, come on! I'll have to re-tune! That does my head in.

Engineer: Did you say the red wire?

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